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The Corporation gives a number of incentives and facilities to the seed growers which are as under:-

  • A premium of 30 35% premium over & above average of 5 highest mandi rates is given to the seed growers for the procurement of certified seed of Paddy, oilseeds & pulses seeds.
  • In case of wheat procurement, HSDC gives 18% higher than the Govt. Minimum Support Price including bonus OR the average of 3 highest variety-wise mandi rates of wheat in Kurukshetra, Hisar & Sirsa mandies for the period from 1st May to 15th May, whichever is higher except C-306 variety. In case of C-306 variety, an additional premium of Rs.300/- per qtl. and Rs.50/- per qtl. for WH-283 is given.
  • The amount of Rs .12/- per qtl. is extra to the Shareholder Growers on Certified Seed of Wheat.
  • 85% procurement price of the Raw seed is paid immediately at the time of delivery of raw seed.
  • Gunny bags are provided to growers for bringing the produce to the processing plants.
  • Transportation rebate upto Rs. 24/- per qtl. is given on certified seed.
  • Unloading expenses of raw seed at the processing plants is borne by HSDC.
*The information published here has been provided by the respective department.