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The empty gunny bags are issued by the Regional units to the growers on the basis of final inspection report and estimated production given by Packaging Haryana State Seed Certification Agency staff for bringing their raw seed. Utmost care is taken up by the technical staff of the Corporation at the time of intake of raw seed at processing plants and different checks to ascertain the quality of seed are carried out i.e checking of moisture contents, varietywise unloading and storage of raw seed and finally allocating identification marks on every raw seed bags - indicating different varieties belonging to different growers. Quality Control standards and parameters are maintained at the time of processing.

The Corporation is having six processing plants located at Umri, Yamuna Nagar, Hisar, Sirsa, Tohana & Pataudi. The total installed seasonally Processing capacity of the six plants and their storage capacity are as under:

Name of the Plant (in qtls.)
Processing Capacity   Storage Capacity  
Umri 1,00,000   1,10,000  
Yamuna Nagar 30,000   45,000  
Hisar 1,00,000   88,500  
Sirsa 80,000   84,500  
Tohana 30,000   46,000  
Pataudi 40,000   67,500  
Total 3,80,000   4,41,000  

*The information published here has been provided by the respective department.