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Seed Rate
Sowing Time Irrigation Maturity Time Characterstics Average Yield
MANAK [Released in 11.11.1985]
4-6 kgs per acre. June to mid July. 1-2 irrigations. One irrigation at flowering stage is must. 125-130 days. Plant of this variety is of medium height. 7-8 quintals per acre.
PARAS (H62 - 1) [Released in 15.05.1998]
4-6 kgs per acre when sown timely and 6-8 when sown late. Timely sowing variety, i.e. in the month of June. 1-2 irrigations. 140-145 days. Plant of this variety has more branches and pods and bold grain as compared to Manak and UP AS - 120 varieties. This variety is disease-free in Haryana. Drought resistant. Suitable for irrigated areas of Haryana. 7-8 quintals per acre.
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