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Welcome to HSDC

The Haryana Seeds Development Corporation Limited was established in the year 1974 under the Companies Act, 1956 with the following objectives, among others:

  • To carry on in Haryana and in India the production of certified seeds of all those crops and varieties coming under the purview of the Seeds Act, 1966, (No. 54 of 1966) and quality seeds of other kinds or varieties, processing, drying, storing, distribution and transportation of the same on commercial lines.
  • To carry on business as seed merchants, to buy, sell, grow, prepare for market, import, export and deal in seeds of all kinds and varieties and to provide and make available at reasonable prices sufficient quantities of certified and quality seeds to support Agricultural Production Program.
  • To store and stockpile reserve supplies of seeds needed for the improvement of agriculture in India.
  • To own and operate seed testing laboratories.
The Authorized Share Capital of the Corporation is Rs. 7.00 crore. The Share Capital is contributed by the State Government, National Seeds Corporation Limited and Shareholder Seed Growers of the Corporation.

The Corporation has the distinction to have senior Civil Servants as its Chairmen and Managing Directors. Civil Servants from the Indian Administrative Service have acted as Chairmen/Managing Directors and guided the Corporation since its inception to reach its glorious height. Their rich and vast experience has brought about significant improvement in the working and development of the Corporation. Similarly, the Corporation also has the privilege to have senior Civil Servants leading public men and senior officers of the Central Government as Directors on its Board who have contributed their best in formulating policies of the Corporation.
We have also received the "Second Best Productivity Performance Award" from National Productivity Council of India in the year 2004.
Haryana Seeds Development Corporation Limited has established six Seed Processing Plants at Umri, Hisar, Sirsa, Yamuna Nagar, Tohana and Pataudi and one Marketing Office at Bhiwani. It has also established a Cotton Ginning, Bale Pressing and Gas Delinting Plant at Hisar in order to maintain purity of cotton seed. Marketing of Certified Seeds is undertaken through its own network of 74 Sale Counters, Institutional Agencies like HAFED, HAIC, Mini Banks, etc.

The Corporation is maintaining a Seed Testing Lab at Umri for testing seed samples as an internal quality control measure. Its technically qualified staff exercises strict quality controls right from the field stage, processing and during storage so that only good quality seeds are supplied to the farmers.